New and old customers of UBI: Hello everyone!

    On the occasion of Lee on the occasion of the opening of the new site, new and old customers to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone Lee has always been on electronic support and love.
    For a long time, Lee Electronics always uphold: Customer: "mutual benefit, quality and cheap, sincere service," the staff: "people-oriented, harmony together" concept. We have to continue to improve the quality of goods and services to maintain the interest of our suppliers and customers. With the success of the past experience, we are confident that the huge expansion of the domestic and foreign markets, into more successful trail, creating a brighter future, Toshimichi all employees in order to achieve the goal, surely redouble our efforts to keep the entrepreneurial spirit, in order to Thanks to the support of our customers.
    I believe that, through the opening of the new site, will be able to further deepen our old and new customers to facilitate understanding and trust through better and further enhance the development of friendly relations and cooperation, so that the future development of a higher level of UBI.

                                                                                                             Shaopei Sheng
                                                                                                             August 11, 2014

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